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The Contributory Parent visa (subclass 173 and 143) visa allows parents to live in Australia if their child is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. The contributory parent 173 visa is a temporary visa which allows the applicant to live in Australia for two years. This visa cannot be extended or renewed, however applicants can apply for Contributory Parent (subclass 143) (within 2 years of living in Australia on 173 visa) if they wish to live permanently in Australia.

With(Subclass 173) Temporary visa you can:

  • live in Australia for up to 2 years
  • work and study in Australia (you will not receive government support)
  • enrol in Australia’s public health care scheme,Medicare
  • apply for a permanent (Subclass 143)

You can spread the cost of the permanent visa over a number of years by applying in 2 steps:

* First, apply for the temporary Contributory Parent (Temporary) (subclass 173) visa, then

* Apply for the permanent Contributory Parent (subclass 143) visa.

With (Subclass 143) Parmanent visa you can:

  • move to or stay in Australia as a permanent resident
  • sponsor eligible family members to come to Australia
  • apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible
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